We like to…

  • Live in natural and harmonious environment
  • Enjoy life at its most significant and simplest moments
  • Do things which makes us happy
  • Rejoice about things which makes the world a better place

Our brand LINEO even to us is a pleasant surprise. The idea it was very simple – to develop a product which is used on daily occasion and is made from 100% natural fabric – linen. The fabric itself is an ancient material which people used on daily basis. However, now its topicality can be evolved into something more contemporary, this is what we are striving for in our product line. Linen in its simplicity hides various useful features for our everyday lives. Our ancestors used linen not only for labouring but also when going out. Linen bedding warms up body during the cold and rainy nights, and cools it down during hot summer days. Its antiseptic properties can prevent a number of allergic reactions, which often interrupts our sleep. Linen kitchen utensils can do wonders – the linen apron worn on the hips creates a cozy feeling that allows us to enjoy to be hostesses, linen towels can polish even the most greasy surfaces, allowing to see our reflection and smile at it. Linen tablecloth and napkin laid table will give the most elegant look to even the most simple lunch, and it will look gorgeous during a large reception. Over and over again this demonstrates that the charm of life is not somewhere far away, but right next of us.